Project management
Supply Chain Management

SC A final

Integration, optimization, training and measurement of supply chains, ranging from suppliers to licensees and subcontractors worldwide

Project management
Order processing center

SC A final

Process-oriented adjustment and spatial consolidation of all participants from procurement, materials management, incoming goods inspection. Sales support and custom-made products team

Project management
Structured ERP selection process

II AA final

Analysis of user’s profile of requirements, analysis of functionalities of standard ERP systems. Structured comparison, decision and implementation plan

Project management
Major projects in contract furniture business

MH A final

Projects from sampling and selection procedure to realization and final inspection such as Munich Airport MUC area seating, Hong Kong Airport CLK area and counter seating, Saudi Arabian embassy in Kuwait.

Implementation of the market segment
Management Furniture

MF A final

Brand development, portfolio management, product development and product management for Attesse P30, P35, P70, Pm

Management of product development projects
within the ranges of  task seating, soft seating, furniture

EW A final

Projects from the formulation of the briefing through the product development phase to start of production

Project management
Relocation of products to OEM producers

OE A final

Selection of suppliers, contract design, shifting of production while maintaining continuous delivery the readiness for delivery

Internationalisation of products,
porting to different culture areas

MP B final

Regional modification and reengineering, material management, production, compliance with local quality labels

License business

LI A final

Balance of interests of licenser and licensee, contract design, start of production and business, ongoing mentoring, billing

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